Quality Assurance


We are looking for applications from Polish, French, German, Russian and Spanish self-employed specialists (freelancers) with proven experience as language quality assurance specialists on PC and console games.

Please note that this is NOT a permanent job offer.


1. You should have at least 2 years of experience as a QA specialist;
2. You should be familiar with the standard tools or processes in your fields;
3. You should have a working knowledge of English;
4. You should be able to accept payments via bank (wire) transfer;
5. You should be able to work in Warsaw over the course of the project.

Required information

Your application must contain the following information:
1. a short description of the relevant experience, including the titles of the most recent published games you have worked on;
2. a short description of the tools and processes you have used;
3. the indication whether you are free to travel within the European Union or North America;
4. the indication whether you have broadband Internet access;
5. your email address, your business address and your phone number.
6. your expected hourly rate.

Other information

At the current stage of the application review process, we do not require your CV/resume/biography. Do not send it or your application will be rejected.

Submitting your application

Send your application in English to vendors (.at.) locworks (.dot.) net with the following subject: application – <your name> – <qa>
Example: application – Jan Kowalski – QA

Note to agencies and QA vendors

This job post is reserved to direct applications from freelancers.