About Us

The Team

The LocWorks team counts over 25 freelance full-time translators, reviewers, software and desktop-publishing engineers. Each one of us has been very busy working in localization for a minimum of 4 years and is a recognized specialist in his or her area. We play video games on a regular basis, so we know our FPSs from our RPGs and our string length restrictions from our string tables, not to mention our Warcraft from our StarCraft.

The Founder

LocWorks is the brainchild of Piotr Burzykowski. After obtaining a B.A. in Law (1998) and a M.A. in Translation (2000) from the Université de Liège, Piotr started out on his fascinating journey in the localization industry. He worked as a translator, project coordinator and project manager for companies such as Seagate Software (currently Business Objects), Simultrans, LionBridge, and Symantec. In 2006, he moved to Poland and set up LocWorks, where he mixes with gusto his extensive experience, his passion for video games and his love of a job well done.

The Philosophy

We do not…

…outsource your projects to agencies. Your files and your instructions do not travel far and away to unknown parties. They are processed within a stable core team under the direct supervision of the project managers, who do not forward mindlessly the files between you and the translators.

…work with the cheapest translators and reviewers. Dedicated professionals know their worth and we pay them decent rates for their splendid and hard work.

…assume that everything will be grand. We make sure it is. First, by carefully planning out the project and informing you fully of the risks and other important aspects. Secondly, by executing the plan while remaining sufficiently flexible to accommodate new developments. Finally, by delivering what we committed to deliver. And if things go wrong, as they sometimes do in any business, we let you know straight away and we work very hard to fix the problem.

…send essential queries two hours before the delivery of a 120 000 word project.

while we…

…care about our team, our partners and the projects which we take on.