Services and Pricing


You will find below the standard and specialist services that we offer, as well as our pricing policy. Bear in mind that even if your localization requirements involve tasks not covered in the lists below, the odds are that we will be able to help you.

Localization services

We offer the following localization services:

  • full software and documentation translation;
  • translation kit preparation;
  • linguistic and functional software quality assurance;
  • documentation review;
  • terminology management
  • audio recording (currently only in Polish);
  • desktop publishing;
  • graphic design.

Process and development services

We offer the following advanced process and game development services:

  • design of localization and content authoring guidelines;
  • adaptation and proofing of source materials;
  • copy writing of manuals, walkthroughs and marketing materials;
  • design of role-playing and adventure scenarios.

Game types

We have had the pleasure to work so far on the following game types:

  • first-person shooters;
  • role-playing games;
  • real-time strategy games;
  • sport simulations;
  • asset management;
  • casual games.


We base our translation rates on the number of words in your project, whereas reviewing, testing and engineering tasks are charged hourly. The applicable rates depend on several factors, such as the language combination, the project’s volume and the subject matter. We are proud to provide a customized service and our policy is to provide a detailed and free quote for each project based upon your individual requirements.