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And Yet It Moves, the excellent indie gravity-defying platformer created by the Broken Rules team is now available in French, Spanish and Italian. We were delighted to work with Felix Bohatsch and his team and to help them reach new players.


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San Francisco, CA – Lazy 8 Studios announced today that they have teamed up with localization firm LocWorks to bring their flagship game Cogs to an international audience. Starting today, Cogs will be available in English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Polish. All of these localized versions can be found at Steam or Direct 2 Drive, the two current online distributors for the PC puzzle game.
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Radio Flare, the best selling iPhone/iTouch musical shooter is now available in Polish and Russian. The LocWorks team had the pleasure of working with studio radiolaris on the localization of their first AppStore title.
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The French, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian language packs for Adam Foster‘s MINERVA: Metastasis (a single-player modification for Half-Life 2: Episode 1) are now available.

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