ACE Team’s Zeno Clash in French, German and Polish

The French, Polish, and German language versions of ACE Team‘s Zeno Clash, a single-player fighting game based on Valve Software‘s Source engine, will be available to play on Steam on April 21st, 2009, at the same time as the English and the Spanish versions of the highly anticipated indie game.

The LocWorks team had the pleasure of working with ACE Team on the localization of Zeno Clash. We provided the French, Polish and German localization of all the subtitles and game interface.

Zeno Clash is available on Steam since April 21st. You can purchase it on the game’s Steam Store page.

Update (2009-05-01)
We are delighted to have chatted about the localization of Zeno Clash on the Gralejdoskop blog. Read the full interview in Polish here.


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