Final Release of the Language Packs for MINERVA: Metastasis

The French, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian language packs for Adam Foster‘s MINERVA: Metastasis (a single-player modification for Half-Life 2: Episode 1) are now available.

[For immediate release] – Warsaw, Poland – November 21st, 2008

The members and friends of the LocWorks team are delighted to see Adam Foster‘s MINERVA: Metastasis, a single-player modification for Half-Life 2: Episode 1, becoming fully accessible to a wide audience of international gamers. French, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian gamers are now able to discover in their native languages what exactly the mysterious handler, calling herself MINERVA, wants them to do on the tiny island surrounded by the leech-infested waters of the Baltic Sea.

The LocWorks team has worked with Adam Foster since November 2005. We started with the localization into French of the first chapter of the MINERVA series, which was eventually released in January 2006. Other language packs followed, as Adam Foster kept on releasing new chapters and revealing new secrets of the Combine-controlled underground complex.

As the founder of LocWorks, I have been very happy to work with Adam over the years and see him being offered in 2008 a job with Valve, the creators of Half-Life 2 series and of the Source Engine SDK, which Adam used to create MINERVA.

I hope that many new players will take the opportunity to play MINERVA in their native language and discover (or rediscover) the thrill of fighting against an overwhelming force to try and save the lives of billions.

Piotr Burzykowski

How to Download?

The mod’s English installer is available for downloading on Adam Foster’s site:

The language packs are available at the following locations:


MINERVA Website (direct downloads)

About LocWorks

The LocWorks team counts over 25 freelance full-time translators, reviewers, software and desktop-publishing engineers. Each one of us has been very busy working in localization for a minimum of 4 years and is a recognized specialist in his or her area. We play video games on a regular basis, so we know our FPSs from our RPGs and our string length restrictions from our string tables, not to mention our Warcraft from our StarCraft.

LocWorks is the brainchild of Piotr Burzykowski. After obtaining a B.A. in Law (1998) and a M.A. in Translation (2000) from the Université de Liège, Piotr started out on his fascinating journey in the localization industry. He worked as a translator, project coordinator and project manager for companies such as Seagate Software (currently Business Objects), Simultrans, LionBridge, and Symantec. In 2006, he moved to Poland and set up LocWorks, where he mixes with gusto his extensive experience, his passion for video games and his love of a job well done.

Whether you are an established publisher or an up-and-coming developer, we have the experience, the skills and the passion to make the localization of your next game simpler, quicker and more enjoyable.

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