Radio Flare by studio radiolaris available in Polish and Russian

Radio Flare, the best selling iPhone/iTouch musical shooter is now available in Polish and Russian. The LocWorks team had the pleasure of working with studio radiolaris on the localization of their first AppStore title.

About Radio Flare

Radio Flare is a music action game for the iPhone / iPod Touch platform. It is the first and only music shoot-em’up game in the iPhone App Store. Through 28 stages in 7 levels, players guide a spaceship and defend it against waves of intruders. The game’s interactive musical score, composed by Berlin-based DJ Glow, adapts to the gameplay and reacts to the player’s actions.

Radio Flare fully exploits the multi-touch capabilties of the iPhone platform. You sweep the screen with your right thumb to target enemies, while steering with your left. Enemies explode into blinking red radio flares in rhythm with the sound track. Collect them to proceed. Wave after wave of enemies awaits you until you finally approach the boss enemy.

Radio Flare is a meditative trance experience and an action-packed shooter at the same time.

Radio Flare is available on Apple’s AppStore.

About studio radiolaris

studio radiolaris is an independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria.

About LocWorks

The LocWorks team counts over 25 freelance full-time translators, reviewers, software and desktop-publishing engineers. Each one of us has been very busy working in localization for a minimum of 4 years and is a recognized specialist in his or her area. We play video games on a regular basis, so we know our FPSs from our RPGs and our string length restrictions from our string tables, not to mention our Warcraft from our StarCraft.

Whether you are an established publisher or an up-and-coming developer, we have the experience, the skills and the passion to make the localization of your next game simpler, quicker and more enjoyable.

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