We Are Darkness

From a dark land in the far North, a malevolent being known as the Overseer sends an army to conquer the baronies of Elsemore, a sprawling human nation that once stood against an invasion led by an ancient dragon. Spearheading the army is a party of four dark Champions, personally picked by the Overseer himself.

You are those Champions.
We Are Darkness is a fully cooperative dungeon-crawl game with a built-in campaign system and a strong narrative aspect, immersing the players in a rich story of the fantasy world of Artha.

Guide your party through an epic three-act campaign. Earn experience, discover treasure and conquer new lands. Hone the skills of your party, acquiring powerful Character Abilities and unlocking Achievements. Extort conquered regions between missions or send raiding parties in search of valuable and elusive Artefacts.

We Are Darkness can be played in its default Campaign Mode over multiple sessions or in the Free Play Mode, allowing the players to choose a set of objectives and face the challenges of a single, longer quest providing them with an opportunity to try different ability and equipment loadouts.

In We Are Darkness no two sessions will ever be the same, as every mission (both in the Campaign and in the Free Play Mode) is generated using a random set of locations and enemies. As your Characters grow in power, the defenders of Elsemore learn new tricks to stand ever more valiantly against the coming Darkness.

A simple but robust combat and magic system, a strong tactical aspect, and an immersive, gritty story – all that and much more await you in We Are Darkness, a true resurrection of the classic cooperative dungeon-crawl experience.

We are planning to launch the We Are Darkness crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com in late 2014.