Songs of Artha

On the northern border of Elsemore, where the High Road becomes but a path and disappears into the nightly thicket of the Blackwood Forest, stands an inn the walls of which remember a time of heroes now long gone. And as the days grow short and grim, as the cold shadows of the North lengthen once again, songs of great deeds are sang in the golden glow of an age-old hearth. Tales of woe and glory, of hope and despair await those who turn their ear to the “Songs of Artha.”
Songs of Artha is a solitaire/cooperative fantasy adventure card game that pits legendary heroes against monsters and perils of the dark fantasy world of Artha. Introducing a deckbuilding-inspired deck management mechanism, diverse enemies and randomized adventures, Songs of Artha is a game for fans of exciting fantasy adventures, as well as for gamers who enjoy involved card play and in-game deck manipulation.

Live the story of every hero on your own — or combine hero Core Sets to play with your friends — and write a saga the world of Artha will never forget.

We are planning to launch the Songs of Artha crowdfunding campaign on in May 2014.